Have you ever picked up a newspaper and been put off by its content? Do you often feel misrepresented in the media or fearful that the public will believe everything they read? Are you tired of seeing celebrity pictures take up valuable news space? Have you ever spotted a serious mistake in a newspaper? Are you sick of the incessant PR in the media? You are not alone! Comment below to share your experience with us and let us know what needs to change to #BRINGBACKJOURNALISM


6 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR VIEWS

  1. Dan

    The truth needs to be told in todays journalism. A lot of the worlds problems are caused by the media twisting stories and pushing people/countries to boiling point. This website is a huge step in the right direction. I’m excited to see this expand and get the recognition it deserves.

  2. Karmina

    Todays news is all about the Kardashians butts, what celebrity did what drunk, a politican dissing another politican, etcetera. The media is using this to manipulate the society, making them believe that Kylie Jenner dating Tyga is important news, so that we ignore the rest of the “unnecessary” news like wars and murders for oil, making the government’s do whatever they please.
    Now a day, if you want to find real information, you need to research it yourself, which somehow, is hard to find..
    What this website is trying to do is “bringing back the real journalism”. The real information, what is really going on in this world. And making it easy to find the information you need about real news.
    This site should get the acknowledgement it deserves.

  3. Shirley

    What we need is important information about what is the real thing that is happening around us not what is new in the life of one celebrity. Good work

  4. omid

    this kind of journalism makes people ignorant. Journalist is important in our society and they should not give us false hope.

  5. Sherrylyn

    its a shame that journalism in our time is turning more like a showbusiness than giving us more information about the reality of life in the world we are living. People need journalist to be informed about the truth so we can decide for
    Ourselves what to believe and not those lies and unimportant topics about the life of celebrities giving false hope, ignorance and unreal world to us. Well done. I hope you change the course or path of journalism in the future.


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