Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN is renowned for her outspokenness, which has caused rallies with a number of Tories and the conservative population as she expresses her abhorrence towards the racism and the sexism she and many others encounter in the United Kingdom every day.


Source: Bring Back Journalism

Alibhai-Brown claims men dominate everywhere and not just in the media. She says England has fewer female MP’s than Rwanda and that it is impossibly difficult to rise when men are playing the game in a certain way.

However, she admits she would not be equally successful today had not white middle-class men pushed her and given her opportunities to thrive when others were reluctant to do so.

“There are many black and Asian people in the media, but they never gave me a chance because they wanted to be the only ones,” claims Alibhai-Brown.

She says she wants equal opportunities for men and women, which is why she is very disappointed by the way women behave in the industry. She claims women are often more ruthless, cruel and nasty to other women.

“They think that in order to succeed you have to behave worse than a man and you don’t actually,” she says.

The prominence of UKIP in the media has sparked an outrage of vicious attacks towards the immigrants on behalf of the right-winged press and their conservative readership.

“There are many people in this country and certainly sections of the right-winged press who share the xenophobic, horrible and backward values of Nigel Farage.

“These people never liked immigrants, they don’t like change, they don’t like feminism and they want the world like it was in 1950,” says Alibhai-Brown.

Alibhai-Brown is known for being ruthlessly honest and public when she disagrees with something that has been said, no matter how outnumbered she may be. However, this means she has had to increase the security around her house because of a series of death threats and that she is under continuous abuse on the Internet.

Fabricant tweet punch yasmin

Source: BBC News

In June 2014, Tory Michael Fabricant tweeted that he would punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat after her appearance on Channel 4 where she claimed Rupert Murdoch and Margaret Thatcher should be held responsible for destroying the white working class, not immigration.

Fabricant insisted his aversion towards Alibhai-Brown was strictly non-racist, although he had in addition previously retweeted that she should be deported. Both David Cameron and Ed Miliband made comments on the incident condemning Fabricant’s behaviour, which concluded in Fabricant’s public apology to Alibhai-Brown.

Alibhai-Brown claims the bad is balanced out by the good in England.

“Anti-immigration makes me sick but at the same time, I think out of all the European countries you can belong here,” says Alibhai-Brown.

She claims there are more mixed race marriages in England than anywhere else and that England is a country much more prepared to be constantly changing.

Alibhai-Brown says some people are so focused on the racism that they forget to celebrate their freedom in this country.

“I attack every prime minister of this country and I am not put into prison,” she says.

Alibhai-Brown claims that she, as a woman, has become a public person in a way that would not have been possible in Pakistan or anywhere else in the Middle East.

“Racism will always hold you back and down.

“I know if I was white, I’d be at a much higher place.

“But my goodness, I just am so grateful that I live here,” she says.

Despite Alibhai-Brown’s clash with the right-winged, she claims they do respect her even though they do not like her.

In 2010, a Conservative Councillor, Gareth Compton disgracefully called for Alibhai-Brown to be stoned to death on Twitter. Compton was released on bail following his arrest. However, the Conservatives permanently dismissed him from his position.

Alibhai-Brown claims she is continuously fighting and that she gets respect for not letting people undermine her. She says it may be because of these fights that some people become incredibly ambitious and get to where they want to be in life.

“It has to come from you, not from other people because other people will make you feel like dirt.

“If inside yourself you say ‘I feel this is where I want to be’, then you belong,” she says.