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Six primary reasons as to why we need to BRING BACK JOURNALISM:

  1. Racism: With the spotlight on UKIP, there has been a continuous wave of blatantly racist attacks on immigrants on behalf of the right-winged media. Immigrants are portrayed as lazy, selfish and immoral whilst accused of invading Britain to take advantage of the system. The demonization of immigrants by the mainstream media is so consistent that certain newspapers deliberately choose to ignore the fact that Britain gains £20 BILLION from European migrants. See example here.
  2. Sexism: The focus on women in the media has been reduced to how they look rather than what they do. In many cases, the only reason a newspaper decides to blow up a photograph of a woman is to enhance the visibility of her body. In addition, despite it being the 21st Century, there are countless articles in the mainstream media telling women to adopt a submissive state towards men in society.  See example here.
  3. False News: The reluctance to fact-check news stories before they are published is only a small proportion of what causes a distribution of falsehood in the media. Much too often, news stories are made up out of thin air in order to increase sensationalism and readership. This type of false news is the most damaging as it defies the public’s trust in journalists as a whole. See example here.
  4. Plagiarism: The habit of copying and pasting news stories from other newspapers may seem harmless to begin with. Yet if the first source deems inaccurate, a whole chain of lies has encompassed the nation because six different newspapers decided to plagiarise work rather than investigate the case by employing actual techniques of journalism. See example here.
  5. Overwhelming focus on celebrities: It is increasingly harder to tell a newspaper, the tabloids and a magazine apart as celebrity highlights are everywhere. The limitless front pages of celebrities who have changed their hair style or broken up with their partner gives the impression that nothing else worth mentioning is going on in the world – but that is false! See example here.
  6. Lack of International news: There is little to no focus on what is happening in other countries because most national newspapers only deem an event news worthy if it involves or can be linked to their motherland. The excuse, of course, is that the public lacks an interest in what is happening overseas. Yet research shows people do care and more people would care if they were provided with enough information. See example here.